Stillness Buddy - Original

Stillness Buddy - Original 2.1

Feeling the body from within "Just listening" to the sounds around you
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Stillness Buddy Original is great for people who want to cultivate a deep sense of peace and stillness in every day life and work in a more mindful, stress-free way.
It is ideal for people who understand the importance of being present and who would like to use the program as a reminder to be in the "here and now" and re-connect with the joy and peace within themselves.
This is our flagship and very popular version. It contains several exercises inspired from mindfulness principles and spiritual exercises that help to quieten the mind, such as:
- Feeling the body from within
- "Just listening" to the sounds around you
- Breathing consciously
- Looking around without naming or labeling
- Just noticing any thoughts that arise
The exercises are very simple to follow. Anyone can do them! They are suitable for people of all walks of life, regardless of their spiritual practice or religious background.
Moreover, you can customize the exercises, sounds and messages that are displayed during the day. You are also able to add your own exercises, positive affirmations, prayers, meaningful quotes, etc. Whatever you prefer!
By regularly using Stillness Buddy, you will gradually become more aware of the present moment, feeling more at peace and alive. You will also notice that, over time, you are more relaxed in your body and less tense.

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